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Lectures & Workshops

As an art quilter with a lifetime of art, sewing, and teaching experience,
I can offer your group the following lectures and workshops.




Aesthetics for Quilters

Why We Choose the Quilts We Make and Love


Or, Yes! We Are All Artists!


Our ancestors made quilts to keep their families warm. So quilts, no matter how stunningly complex and beautiful, have long been on the murky edge between “craft” and “art.” Especially in the last century, as “art” moved further and further away from traditional imagery and forms, many of us have found ourselves confused about where we fit, as quilters, in the larger art world.


Come and learn a bit about Art History and Aesthetics, “the way we define, look at, and respond to art.” Discover the many ways each of us can approach art, and our own quilting as art. You may be surprised to find that you fit into the definition of artist more comfortably than you ever realized.


Using an assortment of my own quilts, I will lead you through multiple ways of defining the BIG QUESTION: What Is Art? And, I will help you find your own fit along that spectrum.

Building Your Quilting Skill Set

How many of you have a favorite quilting skill? How many of you try to avoid some construction techniques because you do not like or fully understand them? Learn the joy of expanding your own quilting ideas by adding to your own repertoire of quilting construction skills.




Spice Up Your Borders!  6-hour class

Learn two methods for making beautiful borders. Create even, perfect tucks with no measuring or marking, a technique that can add detail to any quilt design. And combine multiple coordinated fabrics into a rich wash of color with curvy, skinny piecing—a fun variation on a traditional Piano Key look.


No-Tears Perfect Machine Appliqué  6-hour class

Fall in love with appliquéing complex shapes without the stiffness of fusing fabric-to-fabric, fuzzy raw edges, or dozens of pins. Make beautiful machine appliqué an intrinsic part of your own quilts. Choose from traditional or my original patterns to explore my technique and make it your own.


Circle in a Square  6-hour class

Learn how to prepare perfect circles, in multiple sizes, for hand or machine applique. Combine your prepared circles with graduated sizes of blocks in one variation of my Graduated Grid Pattern from my book Easy Grid Quilts. Book is not required for class, but will be available for purchase.


Sudoku: Make Mine Modern (Or Not!)  6-hour class

Remember Sudoku puzzle quilts? Change squares to diamonds, brighten your color palette, and make a truly modern version of a simple design. Learn my method for combining 81 pieces in the correct order! A variation from my book Easy Grid Quilts, which isn’t required for class, but will be available for purchase. 


Zig-Zag: Value Makes It Pop!  6-hour class

Select a dark focus fabric which includes light values. Complete your fabric assortment with matching light values. Combine dark and light in multiple block sizes and achieve a dramatic overall pattern.  A variation from my book Easy Grid Quilts, which isn’t required for class, but will be available for purchase. 


Call or e-mail for supply lists, fees, and other charges.

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