As an Art Quilter with a lifetime of Art, Sewing, and Teaching experience,
I can offer your group the following presentations and workshops.

Trunk Shows

1. Follow a chronological tour through my eight years of quilting success. My show includes several of my award-winning quilts. I start with the baby quilts I made for my granddaughter and continue through my most recent ribbon recipients in the Tucson and Arizona Quilters Guild quilt shows.

2. The “Aesthetics of Quilting” is an alternate to the plain trunk show. Using my background in Art and Art History, plus my own quilts, I talk about how we make choices about what our quilts are about, and finding our own voices as art quilters. This presentation is nice to do with a smaller number of participants with more conversation between myself and the rest of the group.

Finishing Your quilt
This is a presentation about how to get the best out of your bindings. I use lots of examples and up-close demos to show your group how to put the last, beautiful touches on the edge of your quilt.

Embellishing: Beads, Buttons, and Beyond
This is a technique class. Learn my methods for enriching the surface of your finished quilt with textural elements including beads, buttons, couching, tassels, and hand-made fringe. Samples and demos will give you ideas for how to make your quilt sparkle.

Spice Up Your Borders
Go beyond the basic “strip of fabric” borders. Learn how to make my “Tucks with no Measuring or Marking” and my “Skinny Piecing.” Make the borders of your quilt as rich and vibrant as the center.

Call or e-mail karen@ this Web site for workshop lengths, supply lists, fees, and other charges.