Publication of my first book: Easy Grid Quilts

by Karen on June 26, 2012

ISBN 978-1-60460-013-1 AQS Publishing

This last month has been exciting!

My first book, Easy Grid Quilts, has just been published, and I’ve been taking complimentary copies to my local quilt shops to get them excited too.

It has taken me close to two years to write the book, make the quilts, and work through getting the book ready with my publisher, AQS Publishing—they were wonderful to work with through the whole process.

The idea for the book began a few years ago, as I created quilts from “grids” that I had designed to be able to play with color in some very formal ways. One grid is based on a mathematical matrix, one uses percentages, and another is about a size progression I discovered. While this may all sound like math, for me it is all about the visual relationships, and my book will let other quilters try their own color combinations with my patterns and instructions.

There are a total of five grids in the book, with variations on each, and lots of quilts to provide ideas for how to use the basic layouts.

I will be teaching in the Phoenix area starting this summer, and I look forward to sharing my ideas with students.

Easy Grid Quilts is available on Amazon, or check to see if your local quilt shop has it or will order it for you.

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