100 Years 100 Quilts, Arizona Centennial Quilt Project

by Karen on February 18, 2012


This morning's event! Visitors awaiting the opening of the Arizona Centennial Quilt Show 100 Years 100 Quilts at the Arizona Historical Society in Tucson.

Opening February 18, 2012 the 100 Years 100 Quilts show was a smashing success.  The display is a collaborative project between the Arizona Historical Society and the Arizona Centennial Quilt Project (a Project of the Arizona Quilters Hall of Fame) and is made possible in part through a grant by the Arizona Humanities Council and through individual sponsoring contributions. the exhibit has been designated an Arizona Legacy Project. The exhibit will be on display through December 31, 2012.

100 Years 100 Quilts is a visual celebration of Arizona’s Centennial and Arizona’s amazing quilters. There are modern and historic landscapes, memory quilts that honor families and places, and a whole range of colors to honor Arizona’s diverse people, cultures, and natural scenery. The 100 quilts in the show range from close-ups of the unique desert flora and fauna to many interpretations, from simple to complex, of Arizona’s architectural gems.

I have two quilts in the show: Tucson, Heart of Arizona, and Night Quilting with Hertzsprung and Russell. My Tucson quilt is a collage of the city’s history and culture. It includes sections that have influenced my life: all the arts organizations, the University of Arizona and all that it has to offer, and Davis Monthan Air Force Base, the reason my family came to Arizona fifty years ago.

Night Quilting came out of my interest in astronomy and the rich imagery it offers. When I took astronomy courses at the U of A, (as an art major) I immediately began incorporating that imagery into my art, in bronze, ceramics, wood, weaving, and printmaking. Because my current medium is quilting, it’s not surprising I felt compelled to make an astronomy themed quilt in a city that is a mecca for astronomers.

The opening for the 100 Years 100 Quilts show was celebrated by a tremendous group of the quilt artists and their families and friends who came to get their first look at this exceptional show. While many states around the country have had commemorative single quilts made for their own centennials, Arizona is the first state to commemorate its own anniversary with a celebration of quilting and quilters–only Arizona residents could submit pieces for the show.

One of the very best things about this show is that it will be on display at the Arizona Historical Society for the rest of 2012! If you’re  planning a trip to Tucson, or the southwest in general, make sure you put this show on your agenda. And if you’re a quilter, the Tucson Quilters Guild, which is some 650-700 members strong, welcomes visitors on the 2nd Wednesday of every month. We hope to see you here!


Coming through the entrance of the Arizona Historical society Museum in Tucson.



Anne I. Woosley delivers the opening presentation in the museum's auditorium acknowledging the work of all who worked on the project, its book and dvd, and of course the quilters. Arizona's Secretary of State Ken Bennett, exhibit honorary chair, was on hand for the ribbon cutting to officially open the exhibit.


100 quilts are displayed among the museum's historical artifacts in fourteen of its display rooms.


Night Quilting with Hertzsprung and Russell refers to an HR diagram that classifies stars by temperature and intrinsic luminosity. Artist, Karen G. Fisher.


Tucson: Heart of Arizona weaves together many aspects of Tucson's long history. Artist, Karen G. Fisher.


Detail, Tucson: Heart of Arizona. Artist, Karen G. Fisher.


Exhibit items include prints of several quilts including Tucson: Heart of Arizona.


Mariachi de los Muertos. Artist, Nancy Arseneault.


Greetings from Arizona, displayed next to the sheriff's 1923 Studebaker. Artist, Ann Novak.


Tucson: Heart of Arizona was one of two quilts selected for the exhibit's print advertising.

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