The Same But Different

by Karen on April 3, 2010

The Same but Different - 2010 - In private collection.

2010 Arizona Quilters Guild Sol y Sombra:
1st Place, Exemplary Workmanship

2010 Tucson Quilters Guild Quilt Fiesta:
1st Place, Exemplary Piecing
Viewer’s Choice Honorable Mention

This quilt was inspired by an earlier quilt I made with friends. I made the center nine blocks, Shirley added the little squares, and Deanna added the wandering “geese.” Karen appliquéd the vine, and Dianne finished it off with the pinwheels. I added the finishing touches, and Karen Timberlake did the quilting. We donated the finished quilt to a local auction that raised money for women’s cancers.

I liked that original quilt so much that I decided to make it again with different fabrics, so that I could make all the choices for color and pattern. I took the parts I liked best, and began again.

First I changed the scale—I wanted to challenge myself to work small with a degree of precision I had not attempted before. The batik fabrics I had chosen worked well for the tiny pieces because they are very tightly woven. The tiny squares along two sides are pieced: I kept sewing fabric strips into pairs, then cutting and re-piecing until I had enough. The fans around the edge are partly paper-pieced; that was the only method I knew that would give me the precision I wanted.

Then I began quilting and beading the assembled quilt, working back and forth between hand and machine techniques to achieve the finish I wanted. When it was finally finished its name was obvious: it was the same (as the first one) but it was also completely different.

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